The app collapses

Every time i enter to the app it collapses, therefor I can’t work on my pcb.
I’ve realised this happens because I had older version on my computer which I deleted and some files were’nt deleted (than whan i downloaded again, the problems started).
What should I do to be able to use this app again?

KiCad doesn’t touch any system files outside the installation folder. It doesn’t use any configuration files outside the personal config folder. You can uninstall KiCad totally by deleting the installation folder and the personal configuration folder. (Windows may leave some traces in “recently opened files” and maybe the Windows Start menu.)

But the first step is to try to rename the personal configuration folder and start KiCad again. See Where are the configuration files (settings, library tables)?. If it helps, zip the old renamed configuration folder and send it here for testing – it’s important that the problem is found and fixed.

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