Thank you for the christmas gifts

When I was a small child, my parents teached me that it is important to say thanks after receiving any gifts. As the last thread about this is almost 2 years old, I am going to open a new thread for this year and probably christmas is always the right moment to say thanks to the Kicad Team. Kicad ist the most sophisticated adult toy I ever received as a gift for free.

First of all the thanks goes personally to Seth and Wayne. Its a great luck to have you for project. They are followed closely by the numerous lead developers, developers, code contributors, translators, librarians, package maintainers, CI/CD admins, members of this forum and whoever else provides knowledge and competence to the project.

The year long lasting efforts of all fellows allows many users to stay productive with PCB design. The free subscription of Kicad enables everybody to explore all the new features of the package as a free contribution to improve the efficiency of labor in our society. Therefore I believe its time to say thanks again in addition for those who have the personal capabilities for donating or contributing to Kicad itself.


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