Thank You For Great Alternate Use Experience

When I switched to Ubuntu lost use of my Windows schematic program. Finally buckled down and recreated all 35 schematics and custom library from scratch. Good learning method for me. Not sure if you would call them schematics as they are illustrative drawings of changes that would be put in maintenance records to document changes.

Initial issues were Page Layout. Finally got the lines where I wanted, and would check with text. But when I opened in Eeschema adding text would not align. Then after about an hour figured out it was dummy me. Layout editor is mm and Eeschema is mil.
Quickly figured out there is only 4 comments in the Page Layout, no problem.
My other program had different wire size and colors but totally understand that it is not in the scope of what your software is designed to do. Easy to add text with color and gauge above wires.
Custom library easy once I understood grid size. Change, add design elements and change back. Just had to make sure connections were added at 50 mil grid.

Thank you again for an excellent piece of software.


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