Text with mask on copper pour area

Can someone help me - how to get such an effect in kicad 7 as in the picture?
It’s updating my pcb files that I made in edwinxp 20 years ago to more modern standards - but here I ran into an unexpected obstacle - I noticed it already in Altium and it’s the same in KIcad - when I put text on a copper surface it’s in a huge frame - I can’t get effect as in the picture. Somebody help?

I don’t know if there is an easier method but if I wanted writing in a different font and wanted the effect you have shown here I would make a ‘Footprint’ out of the text then the copper pour would treat it like any other footprint so the clearance around it would be the same as tracks. This means I have several footprints for ‘IN’ or ‘OUT’ ‘Volume’ ‘Tone’ in weird fonts :alien: I guess there is an easier way but I’m never in a hurry.


Is that what you want?

Yes, with larges gap, but yes !

not sure if it can do on copper text
Edit: it can

What original photo appears to show is Milled PCB with colored conformal coating on top. Kicad can’t do that and, although Kicad can put (colored) Mask on layers, it can’t represent Milled traces or Milled text.

Below shows result of Pads, Traces and Text in Kicad then, setup for Milling using CopperCAM (you can disregard the Red items which indicate my having to set clearances as I simply threw this together without intent to set it up for real milling work). And, I changed the Pad shapes in CopperCAM…

A Milled PCB example
IMG_20200223_122529254_HDR.png copy

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