Text Properties Dialog box

Just curious, does anyone know of a quick way to enter text in the Text Properties box in the PCB editor and then choose “OK” using the keyboard? I didn’t see any way to do it in the Keyboard shortcuts.

Not a big deal, but sure would be handy to be able to hit some key combo to accept text quickly, rather than moving my hand 5 inches to my mouse in order to move the cursor and click “OK”! :grin:

Windows 10, KiCAD 6.0.5

Both [Ctrl + Enter] and [Shift + Enter] seem to work on my Linux box. (KiCad V6.0.5).

Windows 10: Shift+Enter / Ctrl+Enter

I should have thought to try that! Thanks!

Maybe a tool tip should indicate that when you hover over the OK so it is not a secret?

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