Text on Schematics

It looks that, right now, text in Schematics has the anchor point on Bottom-Left.
It would be good to have them on the Top-Left. Wouldn’t it?
Maybe an option to specify that would be better.
Ah, I would also like to have the justification on center sometimes.

Are there plans for having such features?

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Just click Align Bottom in the dialog box that pops up when click the T button.
Move your mouse cursor to the middle of the schematic. Press R until
the text is aligned horizontally, or however you want it. What’s the problem?
Is there a preferred position and orientation for text strings ? I don’t think so.

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What is the problem what? I did not get what you said? The problem is written on top of this thread.

Thanks for the hint, casual Eeschema only user for drawing.

Did not quite fully understand @leoheck s question but on the part of center justify I simulate it for my use by using spaces when entering text as image below on right. Clunky and yes not answer to OP’s query.

How much text would be involved in a Schematic?
May be quicker and easier to just write text & move, rather than go to an anchor point box, select, then OK, then write text, then finally move.

My question is related to a paragraph of text.
If I place it, then it is in the right place. Then if I add one extra line, the text does not increase towards to the bottom-right.

If I place it, then it is in a good place. Then if I add one extra line, the text does not increase towards to the bottom-right.

The upcoming version (nightly v6.99) introduces textboxes for this. Anchorpoint top left. For paragraph-sorted text currently not usable (because horizontal alignment with spaces/tabs not working - it’s still a nightly).

My personal point of view: I don’t like too much options (anchorpint top/bottom, at 10%, in the middle, halfway to the moon, …, every month someone has another exotic wish with more or less seldom usecase).
If there are too much options:

  • this clutters the gui-interface.
  • And with a cluttered gui-interface every user has to work
  • so a little advantage for few users (with few usecases) against harder usage for all users.
  • not to forget the programming and maintaining-question for the sourcecode. If such an addition is introduced it has to be maintained the next 12,345 years.

I thank you for clarifying it and now see what you were discussing.
When I switched to Linux lost my program and to learn recreated all my schematics in KiCad V5. Transferred them to Ver.6. Then redid using better workflow and changing symbols (500 in custom library) from help from the community.
Many thanks to all.

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