Text alignment

Kicad works with proportional fonts what can be snapped with the start position to schematic grid. In several cases, it is preferable to align the text at its end position in a group.

Attached screen dump shows such unaligned text with horizontal dotted lines for comparison. To go off grid using the cntrl key is annoying as signal connections break and / or is difficult to connect the signal off grid again.

Is there any function or trick to do alignements ? If not, is there alreday a issue to vote for ?

I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking for, but you can change the horizontal justification of text. In your example, you’d want to make all of those text items right-justified and then the anchor point would be at the right instead of at the left.

for text labels it is what I expect. Unfortunately, the property context menue disappears if multiple text is selected. Therefor I tried to change one by one instead a group.

For the global labels there is also a V-Align what I set to top but the alignements do not happen. They always align the signal connection point to grid and text and symbol remains zigzag.

yes, labels are always aligned to their attachment point. For local labels that means you can reposition them freely along a wire and align them as you want. For hierarchical and global labels that’s not possible, because visually they only look good at the end of a wire. Any alignment is just rotating the label in 90deg increments.

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Not exactly what I wanted but its accepted like attached.