Testing Build failures

The 31st is missing
A bug was fixed yesterday that was bothering me

Still no new builds and there are errors here:
Paging @GyrosGeier

It seems that the definition of the PKGEXT environment variable changed with the last mingw update. That is probably trivially fixable, let’s see…

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Needed an extra change to properly find ngspice.

The patch build has succeeded, proper images will happen once !324 has been merged.


Should I raise an issue for this so that it can be assigned the 5.1.7 milestone, I see a patch from you last week stuck for 3 months before commit

No, the patches that are stuck for a long time are controversial. The 5.1 fix got merged two hours ago, in five hours the scheduled build will run, so in eight hours there should be binaries unless I forgot something else (like adding libssp, but that should have been picked up by the fixes for the regular nightlies).