Test Point Report for ICT adapter


I have a question about creating report for ICT data.
Is there any way of having a report like with the following structure?
I’m new to scripting. I’ve seen there is a report for TP and Net correspondence. But if you have some suggestions on how can I create the script it would be really helpful.

Reference, Pin Name/Number, Part Name, Value, Test Point
R100, 1, 100R, 100Ohm, TP1
R100, 2, 100R, 100Ohm, TP2
R101, 1, 500R, 500Ohm, TP3
R101, 2, 500R, 500Ohm, TP4

All data is present in the xml netlist… but I’m not sure how to handle it…

two options here. either you process the xml netlist and extract the info from there or what I would personally do is using the layouts python api to extract the information needed for each footprint. however you do it, you probably have to write most of the processing yourself as the most scripts around component processing are more general. if you need a starting point for the API the InteractiveHtmlBom does a lot with the API.

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Hmmm I will have a look over it.

I have some trouble as I’m not to deep into programming.

Thanks for the response!

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