Temporarily hide unrouted VCC and GND nets?


In Pcbnew, it would be helpful to temporarily hide the unrouted VCC and GND nets: I plan to pour them as top and bottom planes, so for now, they’re just visual noise.

Is there an idiomatic[*] trick for temporarily hiding a net?

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[*] Spell checker turned that into “idiotic trick” the first time around. Pcbnew may be arcane, but not THAT arcane! :slight_smile:


I just pour them and turn them off visually. That works.


Hmm – I’m likely missing something: since I’m routing signal nets on the top and bottom plane, I can’t pour VCC and GND before I route the signal nets, or can I?


Just use the ‘b’ key to frequently refill as you go. I think the traces take priority. Never thought about it. I just do it.


Wow! That works just as advertised. Once upon a time I did a lot of layouts in Orcad – it would never let me “just do it” like KiCad does.

(As an aside: same deal with ripup: I spent a some of time trying to find out how to rip up an entire net in KiCad before I realized the proper idiom is simply to draw the new traces and let KiCad delete the old ones – I’m liking KiCad more and more!)


That behavior is configurable: it’s the “Remove redundant tracks” checkbox in the Interactive Router preferences.


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