Template field names in component properties

additional fields in component properties (edited via 'Preferences-Schematic Editor Options-Template Field Names). The field name remains editable even in an individual component. Should be ‘greyed out’ like the hardwired names such as ‘Reference’, ‘Value’ etc. Can this be done? These (additional) fields need to be rarely edited and a work-around by manual editing a text-file would already be splendid.

Within this area of the schematic editor falls a function which could be described as ‘reset to defaults’. Quite often I simply copy a component f.i. and R, C, D etc. With the above mentioned feature of additional fields one also copies the entire set of properties. Which sometimes is desired, in may cases not. being able to reset the properties, with one keystroke, to their default values would be desirable.

I’m not sure of your exact needs, but KiField might assist you here.

thanks Devbisme,

with your help I just discovered a great tool! The purpose of my previous post was a different one. I wanted to make the ´value in ‘field names’ uneditable when in component properties. F. i. the field name may be ‘Manufacturer Parts Number’, you don’t want to edit this it should remain, hence be ‘greyed out’. especially when you do an automated post processing of Kicad files.