Temp turn off interactive routing?

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Is there a way of turning off interactive routing temporarily? I ask as I am having a problem with a SMT part where it insists on taking the trace from the wrong side no matter how I start/end/move from the pad

Pads 11 and 12 will always route out of the “long” side of the pad and not the (more obvious) lower short side. Electrically it probably doesn’t make much difference but aesthetically it is annoying me no end LOL

I have also the same problem from time to time.
You can try to route the track from its opposite end. You can move the track segments after routing it (hotkey d).

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You can use ‘/’ to control the exit angle or the track, you can also right click when laying down a track and select ‘highlight collision’ from the interactive router properties.

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… and you can change the routing mode from Shove to Highlight collissions , which gives you better manual control over track placement.

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Thanks all for the suggestions :+1: Going to Highlight Collisions solved the problem :slight_smile:

All pretty now :grin:

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Does this go away if you go back to walkaround/shove mode and turn off Optimize Pad Connections in the interactive router settings?

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For me it looks not so pretty. I don’t know what IC it is but I would expect blocking capacitors connected as short as possible between +3V3 and GND and don’t see them having short connection to GND IC pins. I use 0402 for it (even generally I use 0603). If it is 2 layer PCB then I also don’t see continuous GND here. If it is 4 layer than may be it has continuous GND but IC GND pins are not connected to that continuous GND layer.

Hi Piotr

Thanks for the feedback. The design is still very much in the early design phase, there are a number of changes I need to be doing over the board. This is an early “will it even fit the dimensions I’m constrained to” design and I’ll be moving on to the “now can I make connections more efficient/effective” :smiley:

@craftyjon I just tried it again and yes it does go away when turning off the Optimize Pad Connections.

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