Tell us about your python script here


If you have written a publicly available python script/plugin for KiCad, please write something concise about it here. Someone else than the developer can do it, too. At least give the name, short description (a one-liner) and the link. I thought it would be useful to have them in one list, and maybe I (with help of others) can later realize the idea of a plugin manager where these could be added. Right now it would be convenient to have them all in one place for reference, for me and other users. I didn’t find any such list; please give a link if one exists already. The KiCad “External tools” web page has only some larger ones and they are not all python scripts (although non-python scripts can be mentioned here, too).


This is what you have been looking for


LOL, I have seen this but didn’t remember. It’s quite large list. Are there any which are not there? Maybe someone has a half-baked one which is not worth adding to that list but may still be useful?


If somebody is motivated, it might be a good idea to include such a list to the official kicad webside. (But ask at the developer mailing list first about their opinion on that matter.)


I added a “half-baked” section to the list of third-party tools. If you have stuff that’s not ready for prime-time, list it there!