Teardrops with development version?

Has anyone successfully used the teardrop script on recent development versions? I couldn’t find anything recent in searches.

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Just tried this today on latest nightly v5.99, and no luck. It does not even show up in Tools->External Plugins menu. Other plugins show up so I know it is in the right directory.

Hi, since the native teardrop support is postponed to V7, I will try to port the plugin to V5.99/V6.
I just need to wait for the python API stabilization in order to code once.
Sorry for the delay.

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If I remember correctly you identify the zones by a special priority number. In the new format zones can be named with a custom name string. It should be possible to use the name instead of the priority (if it’s in the python API), although I think the current implementation has worked without problems.


This is a very good news.
Identifying teardrops using priority is one the hacks I am not proud of.
Using the new name field will definitively clean this part.
Thanks for pointing this to me.

Oh that might be why the teardrop isn’t working on one of my cards… They all get left as keep out shapes…
I have lots of zones and right now the number is a mess because it isn’t easy to see what is what to get it working.

What number do you use

I chose 0x4242 as magic number.
You can easily change it to whatever you need by modifying the td.py file at line 19.
I hope this will help.

Right, it’s not that then :slight_smile:
I have used 0,1,10,20,50,99
Got quite a mess :slight_smile: looking forward to V6 so this can be done consistently with constraints

If anyone is willing to try this before everything is stable, I would love to hear if the zone naming works well for plugin developers. This is one of the things I was hoping it could solve, and it would be good to know if there are any bugs or issues that only show up in the Python plugin use case.

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