Teardrop updates in development branch

This seems very interesting. I haven’t had time to study the code in detail.
I wonder if this means that we will eventually be able to configure and edit teardrops individually per pad and/or on a selection of pads/vias?

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Jeff Youngs comment on that feature request was informative.
It looks like this will be one of the major improvements in 8.0.

Thanks to @JeffYoung for the code work!

I will soon try it out in 7.99 Nightly.

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Edit → Edit Teardrops… dialog:

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@JeffYoung, here seems to be a small bug which prevents using some feature:

Yeah, I just noticed the same. Both are selected by default and you can’t unselect either of them.

BTW, there are serious problems with pad clearances now. It can be seen in this screenshot. Zone fillings obey this wrong clearance, so the current 7.99 master HEAD is unusable.

Is this the same issue that I describe in this thread?

Probably, but I have even weirder results.

Known bug (at least on GTK; it works on Mac). Are you on MSW or GTK?

Kubuntu right now, so GTK.

I see the same behaviour in fedora Linux, which I guess translates to GTK as well.

What KiCad version do you have where you see this behaviour with the pad clearances?
(Not that important any more as the problem seems to have been fixed.)

The clearance bug was fixed, so back to normal testing.

I think I like the teardrops. There’s no need to rebuild all teardrops all the time. Having control over individual teardrops through pad and via properties is great. The system is a bit more confusing at first than the old one because it’s dispersed through several dialogs. But after spending a shortish while with it the system feels logical.

Filling zones rebuild the teardrops, but it looks like two consecutive fill actions are needed, at least sometimes.

In short, this starts to feel like a real interactive native implementation instead of a rehash of a plugin.


I hear you about it being a bit spread out, but it seemed best to follow existing paradigms already in use for other features.

I notice that in the pad properties dialog there is a button to choose between straight lines and curved, but in the properties panel on the left you instead set the number of curve points either to 0 for straight lines, or for example 5 for curved.

It seems that if you input 0-2 curve points in the properties panel, it is interpreted as “straight lines”, and 3 or more curve points will be “curved”. 3 is also the lowest number of curve points you can set in the pad properties dialog.



Correct. The Properties Panel is a lower-level interface (more or less directly on to the underlying data structures).

Is it possible to make a “tool tip text” that will be shown when you hover the mouse cursor over the Curve Points row in the properties panel?

Not at present. (The property system was initially used for DRC rules.)

But it’s something that would be nice for many of them…

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Your “attempted fix” didn’t work. Now “Curved” is always selected but “Straight lines” can be selected/unselected.