Teardrop plugin: zones not being filled?

I am using the Teardrop Action plugin from:

I creates the outline of the teardrop but does not fill the zone. I feel like this is related to some DRC functionality preventing it from filling to close to the via?

Any ideas would be appreciated!

flex-bizcard-teardrop.kicad_pcb (37.5 KB) Screenshot%20from%202019-12-11%2015-31-25

Screenshot%20from%202019-12-11%2014-51-09flex-led-tester-0603-teardrop.kicad_pcb (51.4 KB)

Maybe you have created the board without schematic and nets?

Yes, I did. Could that be an issue? Thanks

I don’t know how that plugin works, but I suspect the zones can’t be filled if they don’t belong to the same net as the corresponding pads.


Thank you, that seems to have been the issue. I read did with a schematic and then imported the netlist and redid the layout. The teardrop zones now finally fill in :slight_smile:

I opened a PR on the GitHub repo and the author of the plugin confirmed:

You’re right. The zones are not filled due to DRC rules.
In fact, the root of the problem is that your tracks and pads are not related to any net.
I suspect that you are not using schematic beforehand.

Unfortunately, this teardrop plugin cannot work on pads/tracks without nets. Indeed it would be very dangerous to consider that every pad/track without name has the same net.
The best way for you to solve the problem is to make a schematic or at least a quick netlist and import it in pcbnew.


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