Teardown 2020 Portland Or

Teardown is happening again this year on Jun 19-21 in Portland ,Or. I know that past ones have had kicad presentations that were well received and this is good opportunity to promote kicad to the maker

Is anyone interested in organizing and coordinating a kicad presence at this event? with enough support we can have several classes and a demo table. Maybe even a dedicated kicad room.


John Eaton

@pdp7 maybe this is relevant to you?

Yeah! Teardown is a great conference. A nice mix of talks and workshops and lots of hardware hacking.

Oh, to respond to the original question, yes I would be interested. I helped organize the first of Teardown and we had several KiCad talks, I’m in touch with the organizers and I think having a KiCad presence is a great idea.

Great. Any idea of what it would cost for table or poster space? I’ll spring for printing out a couple of posters if someone else could design them.

Can we get a list of people who could do presentations.

I’ll check with Crowd Supply and follow up here. I don’t think the call for proposals has opened yet but I’ll get premlinary information.

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