Tarnsfer Libary to new System

Hi together,
I set up a Project on one PC, then I transferred the Project an other PC. There all Librarys are gone.
I configured a Library Path and added a folder, which included the .pretty and .lib file for each component.
On the second PC there are all Librarys gone. Which File do I have to transfer, that I only have to set up the new Library Path?

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Just your personal libraries, or all libraries including kicad libraries are gone?

Only my personal libraries are gone. I could fix the Problem, if I add the library path and then I add every single component. I have more than 300 components in my library, so I have to add all of them manually in this way.
I thought there would be a option, where I can only set the new directory to my library.

Did you add your personal libraries to the list of Global or Project Specific libraries on your second computer.
Find them under: Preferences / Manage Symbol Libraries.

All the librarys are missing. I only used global librarys. I figured out, that i can move the $.config/kicad/sym-lib-table file and than I also have the librarys in the second kicad.
But then the symbols are included but now kicad does’t find the symbols when I open my project. Kicad seares the symbols in a rescue file

Sorry for the delay… fell asleep after dinner last night :slightly_frowning_face:

The procedure I used a few weeks ago while transferring to a new computer was:

Find personal libraries on computer A
Copy those libraries onto computer B somewhere convenient for you.
Open Kicad on computer B
Go to Preferences / Manage Symbol ( or Footprint ) Libraries
Open Global Libraries
Scroll to bottom of list of Kicad libraries
Click Add Existing Library to Table (the folder icon)
Use the “Select Library” window to find the library you have copied to computer B
Double click on that library
That library should now appear at the bottom of the list of global libraries.
Repeat as required for both Symbol and Footprint libraries.

When I (Windows 7, KiCad 5.1.10) want to move with KiCad to second PC I:

  • copy my KiCad working directory into the same path,
  • copy all files from C:\Users\{User_Name}\AppData\Roaming\kicad into the same path.

Hello @Piotr,

Knowing very little about the OP, I tried to give the easiest to follow account of how to transfer the personal libraries.

As for my own computer transfer:
I’ve always kept data on a different hard drive to programs so after loading 5.1.10 (to replace 5.1.9) and 5.99 on my new SSD ‘C’ drive, I simply removed the old ‘D’ drive (was only 6 months old), plugged it into a spare SATA socket in the new computer, renamed it ‘E’ and associated my personal libraries as above.

I also work at D: but in my case it is not separate hard drive but separate partition (the practice established in previous century). It helped me only once - I had to format C: and reinstall system and could do it not corrupting my data.
Because something I have read in KiCad 4.0.7 documentation I install (Windows) KiCad not in default ‘Program Files’ directory but in another ‘Programs’ directory. I continue with that practice to V5, but I’m not sure if continue it for V6.

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