System76 Open Source keyboard

And tells us that its electronics is designed with KiCad. :slight_smile:

But the price is pretty high.

A somewhat similar keyboard is the GH60
I think it started as an Open Source project made by some Germans, but it has gained quite some popularity, and now there are many Chinese sellers for PCB’s, parts for the housings and loose keys, but also fully built versions.

You can also get the KiCad project from github.

A more generic search term is “mechanical keyboard”.
It’s also understandable that such keyboards are not very cheap. They are usually made with separate switches for each key, and removable key caps. The emphasis is more on quality, and feel for people who type very much then on price.

Then there’s

With this:

The first that pops up is:

and it looks like a collection of 100+ of such keyboard projects :slight_smile:

Interesting, looks like everyone’s hobby. But I guess very few of them are commercial. UHK and Launch seem to be of high quality (reflected in price) and it’s impossible to do that DIY. That makes them especially interesting, showing how Open Source can be commercially viable. Of course something which can be made at home is interesting in its own way, but I wonder how many enthusiasts actually use home made keyboards (apart from those 100 who publish their designs in github :slight_smile: ).

I think the other advantage to the Launch is the fact that System76 have designed the software to be Linux compatible from the start and made the firmware updatable through LVFS, so it probably has some of the best support out of any device on the market.

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