System Requirements?

What are the system requirements? Can I run it on a Win XP SP3, 1.2Ghz Pentium M, 760 MB RAM? If not, maybe I can download an older version?



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You should be able to; nothing terribly fancy is used even on the OpenGL side. You can try here:

WinXP is no longer supported though so if it doesn’t work no one will help you. The older version (also available on that web page) should work though since many people still used XP at that time.

I have version 4.0.1 of Kicad installed on Windows XP with 2.8Ghz and 256mb of memory and functioning properly.
As video card I have an old zaphire of 128mb with opengl 2.0.
While the project is not too large runs fast.

4.0.2 fixed several bugs, any good reason not to use the most recent 32 bit?

Monthly fee of 800MB for navigation. The will be downloading when I have a chance.

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