Syntax details file format specifications


I tried to alter all the .sch files of my project using regexp for mass rename/change/delete of some fields.

It works well but I found some little things not described in the file format specifiactions.
section 1.3 for “F” lines

  • sometimes the lines are terminated with a “space” character and sometimes not.
    Removing this final space at the ends of the lines seems to have no side effect.
    is that correct ?

  • sometimes fields are seperated by more than a single space.
    (near X and Y position when theses values are low)
    Reducing to only one space seems to stay correctly read by the software.
    is that expected ?

  • removing some F lines leaving missing values in the sequence number seems to be ok
    kicad seems to renum the F lines on next file save.
    is that expected ?

I also noticed that the “flags” fields documented as
Flags: visibility = 0 (visible) or 1 (invisible)
is in fact four digits. invisibility being the last one.
Are the other three reserved values ?

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