Symbols Windows OK, macOS not. PLS help!

Hi Guys,
I just have a strange behavior of KiCAD 5.0.1. Even upgraded to the latest nightly build, but no success.

Using KiCAD both Windows 10 and macOS Mojave.
Both are working fine, so great work!
But the last schematic done in Windows opening in macOS gets me all symbols as boxes with question marks.
The PCB is OK, so only layout is affected.

I have installed everything correct, Windows and Mac as well.
The symbols and path definitions are OK, too.

But get the question marks.
Don’t know wat to do.
Can anybody help me with this??

Thanks a lot.

Have you also copied the yourproject-cache.lib?

Eeschema doesn’t find the very same libraries or symbols in your Mac. Usually the paths under Preferences->Manage symbol libraries are not exactly the same.

It can be the cache lib or the sym-lib-table.

Don’t need to copy this, because I use a shared dropbox folder for both windows and Mac.

I checked the paths. And they are match.

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