Symbols not present

After installing KiCad on a different partition than the default one, I can’t load the default symbols into the schema. The symbol window and symbol editor are empty.

The problem does not arise with the organization of the footprints; all fingerprints are visible.

How can I solve it?

What is your kicad version?

My KiCad version is (5.1.4)-1 64bit on Windows 10

Do you get any error messages when starting the symbol editor?
Are there libraries in the symbol library manager? (If yes: does the kicad internal path agree with where you put your libs?)

You might be interested in Library management in KiCad version 5

I have not error message when I open the symbol editor.

There are no visible libraries.

In the Kicad installation, I have a directory with all the libraries (in Kicad / share / kicad / library).

Kicad only shows loaded libraries. Many libraries can be stored in your hard disk, in a personal folder or in the Kicad / share / kicad / library. But they are not madatorily loaded into any project by default.

Open the library manager as suggested by @Rene_Poschl in order to check which libraries are loaded.

If I install Kicad in default path, in Eschema I find all symbols library that are in Kicad/share/kicad/library.

In my case, I do not have any symbols/components available (but the footprint are all available).
My symbols library manager list is empty.

In this case follow the instructions of the tutorial already linked above. (Either add your libs manually or follow the reset to default section)

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Then you need to load the symbol libraries you want to use for all your projects (global) or for this specific project.

The folder icon (between the + icon and the up arrow icon) will help you to browse your file tree.

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