Symbols Library missing in kicad

I am new to KiCad,Recently I installed it and started to use it from schematic when i searced for symbols it showed me that i had 0 symbols in my library from where can i import the library

You need to tell us what KiCad version and what is your OS


Do you have .dcm and .lib files in C:\Program Files\KiCad\share\kicad\library

yup ,I found this file and imported the symbols successfully

Thank You!

The first time you start KiCad, it asks you if you want to create the library tables. If you reply with No to that question, then KiCad does not see it’s own libraries. (KiCad does not search for libraries)

Is that a single library?
What does it now look like if open the window: Project manager / Preferences / Manage Symbol Libraries?
It should be a list of about 200 library entries:

If only your single library is there, then a quick fix probably is to delete (or better: rename it) your KiCad configuration directory, and then start KiCad.This makes KiCad think that it starts for the first time and then it asks you again if you want to create these library entries, and then answer OK to this question.

This tutorial about library management:

Has a chapter about:

Resetting the library tables to default settings

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