Symbols Importing to Kicad

Dear Community Members,

I’ve tried some symbols -created with Diptrace- import into KiCAD.
I ran into problems. Diptrace has a comfortable interface to edit quickly schematic symbols and can export ELI, ELIXML and ASC or Eagle LBR symbol library files.
ASC file is a pure text based file with a lot of parantheses - a little similar to kicad_sym format.
I would like ask you, when import will be possible of these LBR or ASC files?
(Exporting Eagle Schematic is a kind of solution, but it has limits and time consuming too.)
A direct and fast import should be necessary for Symbol Editor as it could help a lot.
There is available Eagle ULP on the web, but I don’t want to install Eagle just for this conversion process. So if you can extend the import features, KiCAD could be a more comfortable and effective tool.

There is an other little bug in setting raster resolution. The
millimeter (mm) based distances are not fully supported. Grid distances are adjustable in multipliers of 0,01inch. But only one ‘mm’ based raster distance may be selected. There is no 0,25mm / 0,5mm / 1mm / 2mm / 4mm and so on
raster grid possible for supporting draw schematics faster. Please make more options to set ‘mm’ based grids!
Thank you!

Keep your good work on!
Best regards,

Hello and welcome @EDNH

For symbols to be accepted into the Kicad Libraries, those symbols will need to conform to the Kicad Library Conventions (KLC).
The KLC may be accessed here, or by opening Kicad, going to Help / / Libraries / Library Conventions.

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