Symbols created by other user/computer does not update in the library automatically?

So I was using KiCAD on my PC1 with my symbol libraries stored in server (shared access), then I use other, PC2, to create some symbols in existing library. When I go back to PC1 the library does not seem to ‘refresh’ itself and new symbols are not displayed.

Am I missing something or such ‘refresh’ feature does not exist? Will it be there in V6?

As far as I know KiCad doesn’t watch libraries in any way, and it won’t do that in v6 either. Libraries are reloaded when you close KiCad subapplication (schematic/pcb/symbol/footprint editor) windows and open them again.

There’s even no need to used a shared setup to see how this works. It’s enough to open two KiCad instances and open the symbol library editor in both of them and add a symbol in one of them and save. The other instance isn’t updated before reopening the editor window.

Well in my case reloading the sub-application does not resolve this issue…

Unless I am missing something.

Both PC’s have links set up the same but new symbols does not appear in other PC…

I’m using 5.99, so 5.1 may work differently.

I also opened an issue for the unclear or unworking View->Refresh:

Do you mean View->Redraw? I do not have ‘Refresh’ function in my 5.1.10 build.

5.1 seems to have Redraw which is bind to F3 shortcut. 5.99 has Refresh which is bind to F5. To me this implies having changed the functionality, but the function doesn’t work as expected in 5.99. “Redraw” in 5.1 is clear: it redraws the currently visible symbol view. In 5.99 “Refresh” even flashes the “Updating Symbol Libraries” dialog for a moment, so I would expect it to actually refresh the library list.

I see. Yes it must be different functionality. I will dig deeper today in my issue.

It would be nice for KiCAD to check the user symbols library path for not only new symbols in existing libraries but also check for new libraries - would save time adding new libraries manually…