Symbols Configuration for PCB Libraries


Hi everyone !, I would like to know what kind of symbol configuration most of engineers or pcb designers use or what standards follow to create the symbols.

I found some recommendations and i have two examples of symbol configurations , In the “Image #1” i created the symbol placing inputs and pasive pins on left side and outputs on the right side and in the “Image #2” i followed the symbol configuration of the typical application of the datasheet.

Which of the two configurations is preferred or recommended to use and why?

Thank you.

Typical Application:


try this (?)

functional view is better IMO (1:1 from the datasheet is a good idea), and where possible functional diagrams inside the symbol should aid the reader in understanding the part.


I’d put most emphasis on what makes the schematic most readable. This may not be the same from schematic to schematic. Don’t be afraid to swap pins around as needed on any given symbol.


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