Hello specialists,
have a “small Kicad problem”.

When I call up components, I get this in the appendix for all components
shown picture, no matter what I call.
What attitude do I have to change?
I Hope someone can help me.

Thank you.

What version of KiCad and what OS?

The newest version.

And operating system?

Windows 7 64bit Enterprise

Try changing graphics toolset with F11 and F12
The 5.1.9 release notes say
Windows 7 …Unsupported, will most likely still function

Windows 7 is slowly getting ever more incompatibilities with KiCad.
Don’t blame KiCad, blame it on the idiots who change the api’s every few years.

Some marketing guy discovered that if they make what the users actually want to have, that is: something that “just works” and keeps working, then nobody would buy the next version of their operating system anymore. Several times I’ve gotten some stuff for free, because printers and scanners were no longer supported by the newer version of an os. Guess, what. I plug it into my Linux box and it just works. Not even a need to install a driver.

@huhu1 Under Preferences in the menubar in eeschema, can you change it to “Standard Graphics” mode from “Accelerated” and then try?

Going on a tangent about Windows 7 is not appropriate here. If you want to play ball, we don’t support Ubuntu 16 either and good luck getting KiCad 5.99 to ever compile on it, technically Ubuntu 16 is younger than Windows 7 by 5 years, whose the one changing API every few years :wink:

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS only goes out of support on April 30th 2021

I am waiting for the OP to reply about trying changing graphics mode.

See for Ubuntu and other support. Two newer LTS releases exist, trying to support a 5 year old OS release would be madness in that case.

By the time 6.0 comes out, 16.04 will be long dead

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