Symbol with value "" has empty reference ID

I have a fairly complicated board that I am exporting to Specctra DSN to freerouter for auto-routing. When I attempt to export, I receive the following error “Symbol with value “” has empty reference ID”. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the issue is. When I export the BOM for my board, I also see this:

Id Designator

(note 4 with designator empty)

I am not sure how to find this seemingly nonexistent designator on my board to remove it, and any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I recently had the same problem. If you do Tools|Load Netlist… then click “Test Footprints” it might help you find them.

I don’t think the value is a problem, but you need to have unique RefDes to be able to export DSN. That can happen if you add a footprint to the board that is not in the netlist, among other reasons.

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Thank you, this was quite helpful. I managed to find an invisible crosshair at some location away from by board. What it was or how it got there was beyond me - but I deleted it and all was well!

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