Symbol showing GND in schematic editor but +5V in PCB editor

In the schematic editor, it shows all my symbols connected to GND. When I go into the PCB editor, all of these symbols change to +5V. This has been puzzling me for days, as in the schematic editor I don’t have a +5V anywhere.

Is there any insight any of you guys could provide on this issue?

Here is PCB editor image

I am guessing that one of the schematic symbols has been defined wrongly. For diagnosis, you can load the schematic into a text editor and then search for the string “+5V”.

Also, if you gain a bit more “experience” on this forum, it lets you upload a zip file of the project, and this enables others to have a look at it.

Did you perhaps make a GND symbol by taking a +5V symbol and editing the text?

EDIT: I opened the file in a text editor, and here is what I found:

This seems to be part of the problem. How would I go about fixing this?

This is exactly what retiredfeline wrote (and I also half expected). This project looks like it was converted from some other program (eagle?)

The simplest solution is probably to hover over one of the GND symbols, then press e to edit it’s properties and then use Change Symbol:

… and then use the encircled part (below) to replace all GND symbols with the library default GND symbol.


Thank you so much, this worked like a charm!

I hope 7.99 has a check for power symbol label does not match power pin label. If not maybe there should be. Or is it superfluous when the power symbols are edited in one go?

This has been fixed in KiCad V7.99, but in a different way.

The fix also got 51 likes, which is the highest from all features in that thread. :slight_smile:

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