Symbol selection rotations ends up off grid in 7.0

Hello, I’m trying to rotate a group of pins and KiCAD is doing something weird. I’m still new to it, so I’m hoping that it’s some hidden/obscure setting I’ve missed.

  • In the first action, I select the pins, and hit “M” to move. Is there a way to prevent it from moving my mouse and to have it start the selection move from where cursor was?
  • In the rotate command, it executes it relative to the bounding box of the selection. Is there a way to get KiCAD to execute the rotation from the grid snap of my cursor?


on a different note, I have no idea why symbols and schematics aren’t in a neutral (non-inch, non-mm) system with pins mandated to be on discrete coordinates, with a printing scalar (i.e. 1SchematicUnit = 0.1")

First question: Yes. Preferences / Common / Editing (top right) / Warp Mouse to Origin of Moved Object… un-tick.

Second question: Not to my knowledge.

Different note remark: “50mil” is probably easier to pronounce than “One schematic unit”. It is also easier to type :slightly_smiling_face:

I think this would offend the Metric users. :upside_down_face:

Thanks, I missed that setting and now I’m a much happier camper.

on the different note, the only imperial unit I’m ok with is the Pint! mills can go to hell for all I care. It’s just that the part where pins can go on some fractional grid coord is something that has caused me tons of grief in the past. e.g. newbie makes a non standard symbol with pins off the snap grid; when wiring, tool like Altium or Virtuoso snaps to nearest grid point making it look like there is a connection, but not really; only way to catch error is through a thorough sim which rarely happens, a super good (and rare) layout person, or having an engineer do their own layout and spot the error in layout. nice thing about having an agnostic unit is that everyone can be happy with a print scale factor