Symbol replaced with questiomarks

Hello, I’m Roland and new to this forum.

I’ve made several projects in Kicad. Recently upgraded from 4.x to 5.0.

At this moment I’m making use of a template which is made in an older version of Kicad.
I want to add a library, so I’ve copied it to the folder of the project and assigned the
library in the library manager to this project.

When I place a ‘Berg connector’ the component it shows up nicely. So I save the schematic.
But when I close and reopen the schematic, this component is replaced by question marks.

As a new forum user I’m not allowed to upload the project. When is this possible?
Regards, Roland

Maybe the name has invalid characters.

Well I’ve put the file on my website:

I can’t imagine that it is a naming problem… But who knows…?

I do. You’ve got a “:” in the name, that is not allowed in v5.0.0.


Thanks! I’ve seen that, but I don’t know how it came there… Very strange.
That M993 is another project name from which I got that component.
When I saved the component is has only the name Berg. not M993:Berg.
So I wonder how it came there. I will try to get that out somehow…

Well I’ve edited the libfile with notepad++ and kicked out the " M933: " and it works great now. Thanks!
I still don’t know thy the old libname ended up into the component name…


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