Symbol pins not connecting

I have a symbol that I built in symbol editor, and when I add it to my schematic it isn’t recognizing the pins as connection points.

How do I fix this?

If you created the symbol using a grid different to 1.27 mm (0.050 in) or 2.54 mm (0.1 in) you have a problem that’s hard to solve (= redo from start).

I was able to save the symbol by changing the grid size and realigning everything

@ML9104 thank for your help

Great! Learning by doing :slight_smile:
Leave the grid as it is in the future. I learned this the hard way as well.


For quite some while already you can:

  1. Set the grid back to 1.27mm
  2. Zoom out.
  3. Select everything in the schematic.
  4. Right click and select Align Elements to Grid from the context popup menu.

Double Nope.

If the symbol has pins that are off-grid, you can invoke that function until infinity without success.

It works for schematic connection lines, yes, but not for a malformed symbol with off-grid pins.


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If the pitch between the pins is wrong then you do indeed have a problem. But if the pitch is correct then it works quite good. Yesterday I did an experiment with a schematic imported from altium, and everything was off-grid, and I corrected that with a handful of mouse clicks.

If the pitch between the pins is wrong, you can load the symbol in the Symbol Editor, set the grid to 1.27mm and then drag the pins one by one to align them on the grid. It takes a bit of time but it’s doable.

That is what I did and when I re-added to my schematic the issue was corrected and was able to connect the pins

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