Symbol Pin or Wire End off grid error!

Ok, so this is a brain scratcher. I’ve never seen this error before. I just upgraded to 7.0.10. I have several 7-segment displays. One of them keeps giving me this error every time I run the ERC. I’ve moved it 4 times. I’ve reset the grid 3 times. The other 5 in the schematic are fine. I’ve been using KiCad since version 5 so I’m not a noob. Any Ideas?


Pin_Error.pdf (55.4 KB)

  • the “symbol and wires are on grid” check was new introduced with v7, so it’s not astonishing that you didn’t see this errorbefore
  • the check does exactly what the name (and the error message) says: checking if all wire-ends and all symbol pins (the connection points of the pins) are positioned exactly on the current choosen grid
  • so work with standard 0,05" grid
  • to fix your schematic the fast way: box-select the problematic symbol/wires -->RMB-click–>context menu–> Alaign elements to grid
  • rerun ERC again (don’t change grid between the alignment process and the ERC run)

one remark: to get a better help you should attach not only a picture/pdf file, but also help the complete archived project (maybe a little bit cleaned - without backup files for instance).