Symbol pin electrical type graphics in schematic

It would be nice to have a visualization option in Schematic Editor for showing graphics indicating symbol pin electrical type. Currently it’s only implemented for the “Unconnected” electrical type, but showing it for at least “Input”, “Output”, “Bidirectional”, “Power input”, “Power out” electrical types would be useful. And it should be a setting in Symbol Editor preferences so people can switch this visualization on and off.

Perhaps there is a feature request for this already?

Currently in Symbol Editor:

Currently in Schematic Editor:

When you are creating a symbol in the Symbol Editor you can choose the Graphical style of a pin, and that is independent from the “Electical type”.

Yes, but graphic style defines pin signal details on a level above the electrical type (e.g. if it’s a clock signal or an active-low signal etc). A quick’n’dirty solution would be to add more graphic styles but I’m not in favor of it as it’s not automatically synchronized with the selected electrical type (and it should not as it indicates information other than the electrical type).

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