Symbol library table confusion (Nightlies)

I suddenly see info boxes warning of the new symbol library table method

As the Symbol Library Table section of the Eeschema help files does not seem to exist, I am confused about what has been done and what to do about it.

Read Wayne’s explanation:


Thanks, there must be a lot of non-developers like me using Nightly, not ideal. That message needs to get into the Nightly Eeschema help urgently

I am confused about what has been done and what to do about it.

Nightlies are for advanced users, who want to experiment with latest features and can self-support. They are not designed for regular users doing run of the mill work.

In fact, I would say regular users using nightlies are crazy! Their choice I guess, but if they are expecting support they should be using a stable release.

Fortunately, while not a developer, I can self support to some extent and have raised bug reports on Nightly before.
Unfortunately 4.0.4 is now based on a year old code base and is missing some very desirable features like the improved cvPCB search, rounded pads and the STEP interface

The file to be fetched from GitHub seems to be this one:

Either I’m looking at the wrong mailing list archive or that policy will make this a rather non-trivial task for non-developers:

  > You must be a team member to subscribe to the team mailing list.

I also don’t think the developers want to have several hundred people join their team just to be able to get those updates in their mailbox… :wink:

I’m registered over there - no bugreport possible without it - but I don’t think it right to register as ‘dev’ and cause work for real devs as ‘dead weight’ just to be able to get on the mailing list.
There is some blockade in my head about that…

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What we need is to be able to easily receive a copy of the mailing list, no need to be able to post to it, with all the spamming problems

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Anyone interested in current events can browse through the list here:

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