Symbol library failed to load

I have migrated from version 6 to version 7. Since I am running KiCad for Windows on 3 different locations, I have set up Asus Webstorage to store my projects and the libraries I have created myself, wich so far is not many.

This has been working ok so far, except for some issues with off grid synmbols, which I am starting to sort out. One of my projects fails when I try to use the symbol library, and cannot find the standard symbols, only the ones I have created myself. When I start the Managed Symbol Libraries, things look ok, and I can see all libraries listed, but when I exit I get the following error:

What can I do about it?

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Ulf Holt

There are two tabs under Schematic editor > Manage symbol libraries, one for the Global libraries and one for Project specific libraries. Have you checked the latter to see if that missing library is listed there?

Thank you for the sugesion, but I do not use Project specific libraries

Why developers change library formats in each new version remains a mystery…

Well you have a reference to it somewhere in your project and it looks like something you added at some point in the past since it refers to your Download directory. If I were you I’d look for that string in your project files, then in your general config.

There was no format change between 6 and 7.

Wrong… The description has changed… Not as much as between 5 and 6 but changed

What are you on about? It’s just a case of referring to a non-existent file. See the “not found”? It didn’t even get to the stage of reading it. All you want to do is turn every post into your complaint. Unhelpful.

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The fact that the file format has changed between versions 6 and 7… Without any complaints and when moving from version to version, this must be taken into account… What complaints are we talking about?

Found how to fix it:

Downloaded the symbol files from GitHub and extracted to the folder KiCad was complaining about. Seem to work now



There is however a symbol library of the same name in v7, in: /usr/share/kicad/symbols/power.kicad_sym

So it looks like you still have an entry pointing to a v6 library in your symbol library table. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s something you’ll have to carry forward when KiCad goes to v8, and so on, if you use any symbols in it. It’s possible you don’t actually use any symbols from it and could remove that library entry.

That’s correct. Turned out that the one project where I had problems, had all the v6 libraies defined as Project Specified Libraries. This is something I have not done manually, so KiCad must have piced it up for one reason or another. Deletet all Project Specified Libraries, and deleted the files from disk. Works OK now.

There’s a command to copy symbols in the schematic from the Global libraries into Project specific libraries (to make them transportable as everything will be in the project directory) which you may have invoked by accident. But a whole set of libraries, I’m not sure that would cause it.

Anyway you can move forward now.

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