Symbol library editor in nightly builds


symbol library editor seems to have lost fuctunatly . You can no longer build a symbol from an old one, plus i could not select library to save to. These are big limitations . I am using the latest nightly build. version (5.00-rc2-dev-173-gf1cf95b8d)


I expect this will be a frequent FAQ, the workflow has changed in a non-obvious way.

If you use copy/paste in the tree view (right click or context menu) you can achieve similar results. Pasting a symbol creates a new copy with a new name if necessary.


And renaming is also done in a non obvious way. Instead of getting asked how you want to name the copy/duplicate you need to edit the value field in the canvas. (Changing the value in the symbol properties menu was not possible when i last checked but this might have changed.)

A rename symbol context menu entry might help.


Thanks . I think i prefer the old way.


Not at all!

I took me some time to figure out how it works now. I even thought of launching a bug.
It is easier than before, though I am used to the old way. And the old way was definitely not friendly.


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