Symbol Lib for AD9851

Hello. Using Kicad 5, latest nightly build. There is no AD9851 in the library. I see online there used to be however. Can anyone guide me to a) Finding the lib symbol (I guess a .lib and .mod files?) and b) How to load it into Kicad. Mny tnx. M

I can not find it in the v4 libs (and as you found also not in the v5 libs). How did you determine that this symbol was ever part of the official libs?

Seems like an excellent oportunity to (learn to) draw your first EEschem Symbol :slight_smile:

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It appears here:
I also found a txt file (Somewhere!) and have a .lib and .mod files - How to I get these into the library please?
Yes, I am familiar witht he editor to create my own symbol, but don’t like initially giving up and re-inventing the wheel…
Thanks all, M

for symbols use the library manager found in the preferences menu of eeschema and for footprint libs the footprint library manager in pcb_new

you may or may not find the footprint here

in my lib section there is probably some similar component you can use as a starting point.

AnalogDevices.lib / .dcm

its an 14 year old chip, i did not have it, too old

Thanks everyone. In the end I recreated it. Yes, it is old but current as well… M

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