Symbol in sch doesn't match lib for Ref and Value placement

I use R_US symbol. It places the Ref and Value touching each other. When I Edit the symbol it says “Lib Ref: Device:R_US”

When I open the symbol editor and edit R_US, the Ref is on one side and the Value is on the other. This is NOT what I’m seeing in the sch.

Likely I fat-fingered something along the way. Is there a way to globally update all the R_US at one time?

Thanks in advance

The reference and value are auto placed. This is a must to allow rotating, mirroring or using symbols with multiple differently sized units. You can turn this feature of in the preferences dialog.

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The problem is the “Always align autoplaced fields to the 50 mil grid”
That places the Ref and Value fields touching each other as the font is = 50mils. I would call this a bug, fixed by:

If font>=50 then min spacing =100

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