Symbol for stacked USB-A connector


I’d like to use the stacked USB-A Connector (USB_A_Wuerth_61400826021_Horizontal_Stacked). However, I wasn’t able to find a Symbol for a stacked USB-A connector. There is a regular USB-A Symbol obviously, but is there a way to assign two Symbols to the same footprint? How is the stacked USB-A footprint meant to be used?

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For reference, this is what the stacked footprint looks like:

For the schematic symbol…
There apparently is no for a stacked USB connector. The simplest route is probably:

  1. Create a project specific symbol library.
  2. Copy a standard USB connector symbol to it.
  3. Edit that copy to make it a two unit symbol.
  4. Adjust pin numbers etc, in both units.
  5. Save modifications.

After this, you can use unit “A” and unit “B” as separate connectors in the same way as you have multiple schematic symbols for for example dual opamp or logic chips with 4 NAND gates.


Ok, I was assuming that I have to go that route, thanks for confirming.

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