Symbol for ILI9341 320x240 LCD with touch

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I’m a new user (and a fairly novice electronics enthusiast) and just dabbling with my first schematic, I want to include one of these ILI9341 modules ( on my schematic which I thought was a fairly standard hobbyist module, but I can’t find a symbol (.lib file ?) that corresponds to it; the standard library contains “CR2013-MI2120” which I think is the same module without the touch-pins.

Am I just not googling hard enough, or am I just out of luck ?

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That’s just a 14 pin connector, you don’t need a special symbol for it. You can use existing 14x1 pin row symbol.

If you want a fancy symbol with pin names matching pinout of the actual part you will do best if you draw it yourself. It’s something you have to learn, no way around it, earlier you do the better.


I made this one - my goto TFT for 2.8" size. Did not put pins on upper section (I never use them) but, you can edit the symbol and footprint (add pin as desired…)

Footprint and 3Dmodel (step) below…

ADDED: FYI - when using, I avoid soldering the TFT to the PCB; I place a PinSocket on the PCB and raise ‘Z’ dimension of the TFT. Last image… It does drive a need for taking care of that in geometry of product… PinSockets and PinHeaders are stock Kicad parts.

TFT-320x240.kicad_mod (5.0 KB)
TFT_320x240_touch_r0.step (392.8 KB)
tft_320x240.kicad_sym (4.4 KB)


Thank you for the advice.

Thank you for the symbol. The modules I use already have the TFT attachedand with pin-headers for attaching to my PCB.

However you want to do it is okay.

My point was not about the ‘PinHeader’ most all of the ILI9341’s come with PinHeaders.

I’m suggesting using a PinSocket on the PCB so you can plug the ILI9341 into it, thus avoiding having to solder the ILI9341 directly to PCB.

Once you toast a device, lift/loosen Pads, you may choose to use a PinSocket (and DIP sockets for attaching devices).

And, if for some reason the soldered assembly has problem(s), un-soldering is not particularly fun…

Ah, I understand you now, the reason for my “confusion” is that it had never occurred to me to not fit a socket (female headers) for the display on my perfboard.

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If below screenshot hadn’t occurred to you, perhaps of interest - mostly for a Graphics representation but, will also serve as a viable PCB-Perfboard for project… The Perfboard on the right in PCB view is just a Shape with THT pads… BreadBoard on the Left…
FYI - Both have PinHeaders and PinSockets

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