Symbol for AT 328-PU not found

I am a complete newbie and cannot find a symbol for an AT328-PU, how do I go about getting one?

Hello and welcome @George_B

If there is not a symbol in the Kicad libraries you will have to find one elsewhere on the internet and either import it, or make one with the Kicad Symbol Editor…

In either case, you will first have to create personal libraries in which to place this symbol before it can be placed on a schematic.

The best place to start your adventure is by reading “Getting Started with Kicad”. This can be found by opening “Help” in Kicad .

After consuming that, there are some good instructions in the FAQ, the link at the top of this page.

I’d say just pick one of the 10 available ATMEGA 328 's.
KiCad has multiples of them because different packages have different pinouts, so just choose one that is compatible with the IC you have.
But KiCad is also only concerned with the functional schematic and PCB layout part of a design. It does not care about things like extended temperature range or extra low power versions.

After you put it on the schematic, you can modify the value field and put in a string to your liking:

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