Symbol Editor (V6.0) Can not get pin numbers above pin line [Solved]

I am an experienced pcb cad user but I’m relatively new to KiCad. I really like KiCad but I have a problem that I can not resolve.

When creating a new Symbol in the Symbol Editor Version 6.0 (Win10x64) the pin numbers are all appearing under the pin line. All the library symbols I have used have the pin number over (above) the pin line.

It still works okay but is untidy to have them mixed with the ‘over pin style’.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Can you create an example-project with an original symbol (pin number above pin-line) and one self-created symbol (pin-number below pin-line) and upload these example project (kicad-manager–>File–>create project-archive)?

I have just found the answer. If you open the Symbol properties (not pin properties) and check the 'Place Pin names inside] then the pin numbers are placed above the pin line.

After having spent a lot of time with pin properties and not finding any answers I found the Symbol properties answer within a short time of posting the question. Thanks for your interest mf but okay now.


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