Symbol editor:to create a new symbol from an existing one

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I created this new symbol from an existing one…i want to move the circles associated with pins 6,7,8,9 to connect it to pins just like on the left side…but the problem is i cant move those circles neither draw the pin lines to connect it with those circles…any idea please

If you want to change graphics of a schematic symbol, you have to do that in the schematic symbol editor.

The circle is one object and the pin is another. You can edit the pin length or maybe you will have to decrease your grid spacing to get them into the proportions you like. Only move the circles when you do this and make sure you return to a grid spacing of 50 afterwards.

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As @hermit points out, you need to understand that the ends of the pins have to sit on a 50mil grid to permit connections. You can swap the pin orientation but you can’t position the pins in an arbitrary position as they won’t connect to the rest of your schematic. Nelcor connector for pulse oximeter?

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Thanks for the response…the grid change worked…yes its for pulse oximeter:grinning:

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