Symbol editor Pin number view

Hi, I wanted to customize an icon and added some pins. Since the pins are on a slope, the pin numbers are sometimes written on the symbol. The pin name is also too close to the edge of the symbol. See 1st picture.

How can you change that so that I get a view like in the 2nd picture?

You can make the pins longer to get the numbers further away from the edge – I believe the pin numbers are always positioned so they’re centered on the length of the pin.

I’m not sure about the pin names, though – maybe make them a bit smaller?

Here’s an example from the library that may help:


The kicad 74xx library uses separate parts with one part being power. You can have unused parts that way.

Thanks for the example. I’ve done it this way now.

Hello @Lutz_Muller

You can also edit the pin properties… name and number.
You can also move the pin closer or further from the symbol then join the pin to the symbol with a “connected graphic line” (RHS icon column).
Note: You may have to alter your grid so the graphic line meets exactly the outline of the symbol.
See Pin 8 on @ gkeeths example.