Symbol editor opening wrong symbol

I want to create a new symbol for an op amp based on an existing one, for example, OPA1604. In the past, I would double click on that symbol to open it in the editor and then save it with a new name in my custom library.

I’ve not noticed this behaviour before but when I double-clock on OPA1604 it actually opens the symbol for LM2902. This happens across quite a number of parts as well, not just those in Amplifier_Operational. In fact, two of my own custom symbols also open the wrong symbol in the editor as well - my custom symbols are in my own library of course.

I can’t work out what might be wrong, it’s as if some linking has gone wrong somewhere. Can anyone help?


KiCad version? -------

Sorry, of course. 5.1.5-0-10_14 release build. I’ve also upgraded to V5.1.6 and it’s the same problem.

Some more info: In the schema I can drop part ADA4807-4 on the canvas ok. If I right click>properties>edit with library editor it actually opens LM2902.

To answer my own question: I seem to be dealing with parts that are aliases of, in the case of ADA4807-4, the LM2902. And it’s the same for the two parts in my custom library as well. I’ve not actually come across that feature before so it was a bit of a surprise but now I shall familiarise myself with it.

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Is the name OPA1604 in the contents list of the library in italics? If so, then what happened is the OPA1604 (and possibly others) is an alias of LM2902. A symbol alias uses the same graphics as the parent, but allows for different values, description, datasheet link, and search keywords. When you double click on an alias symbol it opens the parent symbol. If you wanted to make a new symbol, save the one that opened to your personal library, and then edit the other aliases out and make the documentation changes that you need for your new component.

I don’t know if this will solve your specific problem but I’ve had good luck simply exporting the symbol I want then importing it into my personal library.

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