Symbol editing behavior changed in KiCad 5.1

In KiCad Pre 5.1 editing an existing symbol from a schematics in eeschema edited the actual symbol i.e. the symbol that is cached in the project, leaving the symbol in the library untouched.
In KiCad 5.1 the same procedure results in editing the library leaving the symbol in eeschema on the screen and in the cache untouched.

If this is intended how can i easily move the pins of a symbol in an existing schematics without changing the library?

Create a proper project local library for your project specific parts. (This was always the suggested way to do it.) What you seem to describe is a dirty hack that depends on many undocumented “features”

Thanks for the clarification. It was just the way it worked for me since KiCad 3.x or so.
I have seen your post about library management but still have some questions about the best workflow, so i don’t end up in another hack again. What is the best way to create the local library in the project folder?
I already did some investigations, but i’m not happy with the outcome.
I tried to copy the whole MCU Library to my local project folder, and added it into the table, but it is ignored, maybe because it has the same name?
Should i make only one project symbol library and add all symbols i need into that single library making it difficult to match the symbols later to their origin.
Any clarification would be welcome.

I would create a new library with a meaningful name that just contains the one symbol you want to have. Make sure you add that one to the project local library table.

I would even suggest you invest time into renaming pins to fit what you will call them in the software and also set the pin types to what you configured.

This all depends on your needs. My guess is that if you modify a symbol then you do this for a specific reason. (Example renaming MCU pins)
This means there as a low probability that you will need the original in the future for this project.

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