Symbol Documentation v5.0

you could use relative path for the documentation files in KiCad 4.7.
is this not possible with v5.0 anymore?
could you use environment variables?

You could just try both.

Hey all, I also have this issue.

When using KiCad 4.7 I had all of my symbols linked to corresponding PDF datasheets using the “Documentation File Name” field in the symbol properties. This was great as it meant I could right click on any symbol to bring up the PDF datasheet for reference. By keeping the datasheets inside my custom library folder and using a relative path I could easily switch machines and share my library folder without breaking these links.
After updating to KiCad v5.0 the relative path feature seems to have disappeared.

I tried using this format; ${Custom_KiCad_Lib}/Datasheets/Random_Component.pdf , which is how the 3D models appear to be linked using a relative path but I couldn’t get that to work.

I can’t think of a reason why this would have been removed. Doe anyone know why is was removed or should this be listed as a bug?

Have you tried with a whole path? Or with a direct link to the vendor’s site?

I usually leave the datasheet field unfilled, but in the Spanish forum they say it doesn’t work for new symbols with whole paths or links either.

I have just tried using the whole path and a direct link to the vendor’s site, they both work correctly.

Thanks! Maybe they are talking about the nightly version or I have misunderstood their issue.

I think the only reason relative paths were removed from KiCad was basically because the former project lead simply didn’t like them. There are pitfalls with relative paths but they are also quite useful.

KIPRJMOD gives the path to the current project, so you can use ${KIPRJMOD}/datasheets/DS3231.pdf to specify a path (works on 5.0.0). Any other env var should work too, but I didn’t verify that.

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