Symbol confusion

What this blue circle means and where I can find it in kicad 5 ?
I have made red circle on the where i have question.

Firstly, could you spend thirty seconds to find out how to take a screenshot for whatever platform you are using? This applies to your other post too. Posting blurry, unrotated photos is unlikely to get you a helpful answer.

Secondly, is this the whole schematic or are there other pages?

I would imagine that this is an external connector but not enough info to go by.

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I can’t follow your word ‘this’ to find the blue circle.

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It’s a connector symbol (for a programming header), you can find many connectors in the “Connector” library.

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I’m unclear what the designer of that schematic meant. They might be test points, but I couldn’t be sure. From various visual clues, I don’t think this schematic was designed in KiCad in the first place so it might be a feature of a different EDA program that KiCad doesn’t have.

If they are, as I suspect, test points then KiCad handles test points just like any other component. There are some test point symbols in the Connector symbol library that will give you a symbol with a TP? reference designator.

These are generic symbols so you will then need to select the correct test point footprint for your board. KiCad has 57 different test point footprints in the TestPoint footprint library to choose from (both THT and SMT) or you can design your own for how you want to implement test points.

There doesn’t appear to be any reference designators for those features, so I’m not convinced that it is for a programming header. But the signal names do make it look like it is a programming header. Maybe they are test points intended to be laid out in a connector-like grid for a bed-of-nails type programming header for automation? Or they are simply test points for troubleshooting?

Looking at the other photos of your screen showing the fabrication outputs for these boards, it appears they are using through-hole testpoints. They aren’t even set up in a grid so if the intention was to use them for programming the board it is either done with a custom pogo-pin jig to connect the pins, or clipping wires (alligator or micro-clip) to the test points.

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